A platform that offers centralized metric definitions, automated root-cause analysis, and alerting to empower decision-making and business health monitoring.

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What need does Falkon fulfill?

Falkon enables organizations to activate their key metrics by performing three interconnected functions as follows:

  • Consuming centralized and standardized metric definitions
  • Providing an interactive analysis platform for identifying the key dimensional components and drivers of these metrics over time
  • Enabling configurable alerting (via Slack or email) and reporting (email or in-product) for these metrics.

Data teams using Falkon can self-manage metric definition and deployment with a combination of SQL and basic configuration files, like a dbt project. 

Revenue teams are able to harness standard sales and marketing metric definitions by connecting tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and more using Falkon’s source integrations. 

What are the benefits of using Falkon?

  Quick identification of the root causes driving metric movement
  Proactive alerting and automated reporting instead of manually scanning dashboards
  Organizational alignment through commonly defined metrics
  Self-service analytics for technical and business users via a browser-based interface

What are the core features of Falkon?

  Automated root-cause analysis of metric changes across any number of dimensions, uncovering the driving forces and hidden trends of metric movement
  Configurable Slack and email notifications for trend and anomaly detection
  GTM-focused feature suite including timeline views of account engagement, rep-level activity monitoring and goal setting, and dynamic multi-touch attribution
  Automated report generation for weekly business reviews
  Git-based metric authoring and deployment with SQL-based metric definitions

Which teams does Falkon cater to?


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