Data-led Definition

data-led adjective

Someone who:

    1. understands where data comes from and what it looks like
    2. is comfortable working with data and questioning its accuracy
    3. is confident building customer experiences powered by data


Hey! I’m Arpit 👋

I started Data-led Academy because there is so much chatter about data but very little educational resources for folks (like me) who are deeply interested in the operations side of things and not looking to become data scientists or analysts.

I believe all tech professionals should feel comfortable talking about data and I wish to spark a cultural shift where those who are not engineers are referred to as less-technical instead of non-technical because it’s 2021 and almost everybody is technical to some extent — tech professionals definitely are. 

After starting DLA as a side project in June of 2020, and then DLA 2.0 in June of 2021, I’m excited to share its evolution with you all..

Presenting astorik a place for all data people to come together!  👇


The mission behind Data-led Academy to demystify the data space will hopefully be fulfilled via astorik.

We believe that everybody should feel comfortable talking about data and should be empowered to make data-led decisions. We will continue to offer free resources for folks to gain data literacy through our podcast, guides, and newsletter.

Our hope is to contribute to a much-needed cultural shift where everybody who works with data in their day-to-day feels confident identifying as a data person