Become Data-led.

A data-led professional is someone who has a good understanding of all aspects of data — what it looks like, when it’s generated, how it’s captured, where it’s stored, and how it’s consumed or acted upon. 😎 

We’re soon launching our introductory course to help folks become data-led.

How is being data-led different from being data-driven?

Being data-driven is to base decisions exclusively on available data, without understanding its origin or questioning its accuracy. 

Who should be data-led?

Entrepreneurs building digital products and tech professionals from customer-facing functions like sales, marketing, growth, partnerships, support, or customer success.


To provide better digital experiences by combining their core competency — whatever they are really good at and enjoy doing — with the ability to work with data.

How can I become data-led?

Our mission is to help folks like you become data-led and then enable you to stay that way.

The journey starts by learning the ins and outs of customer datawhat it is, how it is captured, and what can be done with it. Having a good understanding of it helps build better products and have better conversations both internally with your team and externally with your prospects and customers.

Our introductory course can help you become data-led by making you a customer data pro! 🤘 

Email me the course details?

Absolutely! Just enter your email address 👇 and we’ll send you all the info in a jiffy..