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Modern Data Stack for Growth is to product and growth people what Modern Data Stack for Analytics is to data people β€” an enabler for one to do their best work.
Clean and accurate behavioral data is critical to improve the customer experience across the customer journey, from acquisition to retention and beyond.

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What exactly is marketing attribution and who should care about it? Tune in to find out.
Collecting data is great and there are amazing tools to collect all types of data. But how do you use all that amazing data? Tune in to find out.
The advent of a cookieless world is upon us and every business that relies on online advertising will be affected. Tune in to learn more.

About DLA

Hey! I’m Arpit and I started Data-led Academy (DLA) as a side-project in the summer of 2020 to offer educational content for product, growth, and operations folks to gain data literacy and be data-led in their data to day.Β 

This led to DLA 2.0 that launched in June 2021 as a place for folks to learn how to work with data and get expert answers to questions about data tools and technologies. Soon after, it was evident that there is a need for a place for all data people to come together and DLA was not being the best representation of it, led to the launch of πŸš€

DLA will continue to offer free learning resources in the form of guides, the podcast, and the newsletter. If you’d like to get your brand in front of our growing audience, you can become a sponsor.Β 

What Industry Experts Think

I've gotten to know Arpit over the last few months and he's one of the more knowledgeable and curious people thinking about the intersection of data and modern SaaS businesses.
The Data-led newsletter is the only one I never miss because it’s incredibly informed & insightful. The data industry is complex and fast-moving, but Arpit manages to maintain a strategic view of all the players and trends, including the earliest ones. The data-led newsletter tells me all I need to know about data opportunities in tech teams.
Enterprises, Agencies, MarTech companies, and Consultants -- all seem to have their own vernacular when it comes to data, tracking, analytics, and, tools. If you're looking for a better understanding of all the moving parts related to data, Arpit is THE champion of all things consumer data -- from collection to insights and beyond. He continually engages in conversations across our community of data evangelists and is instrumental in the proliferation of best in class strategies, tools, and culture for us data-led enthusiasts.
It's been a pleasure finding another human who is as passionate about data culture as I am. He has authentic passion for helping others, is always the first to jump in with fantastic advice for anyone who is asking and continuously sparks great conversations in our shared communities. I recommend engaging with Arpit if you're pondering your data strategy, which tools to use, how to design good data and how to improve your data culture.
Arpit understands how the management of customer data affects an organization end-to-end. He is up-to-speed with everything going on in the space from product analytics to data warehousing to growth marketing and recognizes that being data-led is part technology, part human.
Arpit has been a great sounding board as we've built Iteratively. He's intimately familiar with how to use data to drive change within an organization and help you hit your goals. He distills these principles into content that is easy to digest, and provides actionable ways to get started.
Being data-led is at the crux of executing on a successful product-led growth strategy.
I have worked with Arpit and he's my go-to-guy for all questions about data, tracking and tools. There's no-one more knowledgeable about tools for data-led professionals; he knows all of them inside out.
For digital businesses, understanding user behavior and intention is the key to lead users down the right path. Arpit well explains how to use this key and open new doors.