Become Data-led.

Being Data-driven is Important but
to be Data-led is Paramount

data-led adjective

Someone who:

    1. understands where data comes from and what it looks like
    2. is comfortable working with data and asking questions of it
    3. has the skills to build customer experiences led by data

I have questions.. 🙋

How is data-led different from data-driven?

Being data-driven is to base decisions exclusively on available data, without understanding its origin or questioning its accuracy.

Who should be data-led?

Ideally everyone working in a tech or a tech-enabled company but specifically  Product, Growth, and Operations professionals. 


To build better digital experiences using data and carry out crucial tasks such as  setting up data tracking, building integrations, implementing new tools, as well as identifying and fixing data issues sooner rather than later. 

How can I become data-led?🤓

Learning about Data Infrastructure is a great place to start.. 

Check out our guides!👇

Data democratization takes a lot more than making data accessible. Learn what it takes to build a true data democracy in an organization.
This guides explains the common data types and their importance in the context of gathering data.

Or check out The Data-led Professional podcast 👇

The modern data stack of growth includes the tools to derive insights into the user journey and activate the data to build personalized customer experiences.
Web Analytics and Product Analytics together provide a holistic view of the customer journey from acquisition to activation and beyond. Learn why you need both!
Deciding what data to track and creating a data tracking plan are the crucial first two steps of building a customer data tracking strategy. Let's get it right!

Is there a newsletter too? 💌

Sure is! Sent almost weekly, each issue aims to answer a common data-related question in the form of a short lesson. 

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Who are you and why do this?🤔

Hey! I’m Arpit and am glad you asked! 

I started Data-led Academy because there is so much chatter about data but very little educational resources for folks (like me) who are deeply interested in the operations side of things and not looking to become data scientists or analysts.

I also wish to spark a cultural shift wherein everybody, irrespective of their technical chops, feels comfortable and confident having conversations around data. 

What qualifies you to do this?✍️

Enterprises, Agencies, MarTech companies, and Consultants -- all seem to have their own vernacular when it comes to data, tracking, analytics, and, tools. If you're looking for a better understanding of all the moving parts related to data, Arpit is THE champion of all things consumer data -- from collection to insights and beyond. He continually engages in conversations across our community of data evangelists and is instrumental in the proliferation of best in class strategies, tools, and culture for us data-led enthusiasts.
It's been a pleasure finding another human who is as passionate about data culture as I am. He has authentic passion for helping others, is always the first to jump in with fantastic advice for anyone who is asking and continuously sparks great conversations in our shared communities. I recommend engaging with Arpit if you're pondering your data strategy, which tools to use, how to design good data and how to improve your data culture.
Arpit understands how the management of customer data affects an organization end-to-end. He is up-to-speed with everything going on in the space from product analytics to data warehousing to growth marketing and recognizes that being data-led is part technology, part human.
Arpit has been a great sounding board as we've built Iteratively. He's intimately familiar with how to use data to drive change within an organization and help you hit your goals. He distills these principles into content that is easy to digest, and provides actionable ways to get started.
Being data-led is at the crux of executing on a successful product-led growth strategy.
I have worked with Arpit and he's my go-to-guy for all questions about data, tracking and tools. There's no-one more knowledgeable about tools for data-led professionals; he knows all of them inside out.
For digital businesses, understanding user behavior and intention is the key to lead users down the right path. Arpit well explains how to use this key and open new doors.