Become Data-led.

Build better products and have better conversations

data-led adjective

    1. being comfortable working with data
    2. having confidence talking about data
    3. making data-informed decisions while factoring in intuition and experience


How is data-led different from data-driven?

Being data-driven is to base decisions exclusively on available data, without understanding its origin or questioning its accuracy.

Who should be data-led?

Entrepreneurs building digital products and tech professionals working in product, growth, marketing, sales, partnerships, or customer success.


To provide better digital experiences by combining their core competency — whatever they are really good at and enjoy doing, with the ability to work with data.

How can I become data-led?🤓

Learning the ins and outs of Customer Data is great place to start. 

A good understanding of Customer Data has a ton of real world applications — especially for folks working in product, marketing, or growth. 

Lucky for you, our free guides cover everything one needs to know about Customer Data to become data-led!

Is there a newsletter too? 💌

Sure, but you’ll only get an email when we have something worth sharing!

Why do this?🤗

Hey! I’m Arpit and am glad you asked! 

I started Data-led Academy because there is so much chatter about data and yet all learning resources are for prospective data scientists and analysts, none for folks like me who work in customer-facing roles.

I also wish to spark a cultural shift wherein everybody, irrespective of their technical chops, feels comfortable and confident having conversations around data.  

Until recently, I led growth at Integromat, an event-based automation tool that makes it really easy to work with data and APIs. I am now a PMM at Trifacta, a leader in the data wrangling space.  

Want to know the full story behind this project?

What qualifies you to do this?✍️

Arpit has been a great sounding board as we've built Iteratively. He's intimately familiar with how to use data to drive change within an organization and help you hit your goals. He distills these principles into content that is easy to digest, and provides actionable ways to get started.
I have worked with Arpit and he's my go-to-guy for all questions about data, tracking and tools. There's no-one more knowledgeable about tools for data-led professionals; he knows all of them inside out.
For digital businesses, understanding user behavior and intention is the key to lead users down the right path. Arpit well explains how to use this key and open new doors.
Being data-led is at the crux of executing on a successful product-led growth strategy.