How Sales Pros at PLG Companies Can Become Data-led

The Data-led Professional podcast Episode 7

A lot of folks consider embracing Product-led Growth or PLG as a move towards shunning sales but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While PLG has managed to become front and center in strategy meetings and presentations, Sales is still the lifeblood of growing companies.

But the question remains — why do sales people need to become data-led?

Well, if you ask any sales pro, they will tell you how important a role data plays in their day-to-day, especially product data as it offers a clear window into the most active accounts. But for the longest time, sales teams have had to rely on whatever data makes it to the CRM even though CRMs were never built with product data or event data in mind. But finally, a new breed of companies dubbed as CRM 2.0 or PLG CRM companies are changing that. 

In this episode of The Data-led Professional podcast, Tim Geisenheimer, co-founder of Correlated — a CRM 2.0 company — joined us to answer questions like:

  • How can sales teams benefit from having access to product data?
  • What is the role of data in the current sales workflow at PLG companies?
  • What’s the role of RevOps in a PLG company?

You may read select excerpts from the episode here.

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