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What is a Customer Data Platform?

A Customer Data Platform or CDP enables companies to collect and collate customer data from different sources, clean and organize that data, and then send


What do Event Data and Entity Data look like in the Context of Customer Data?

Customer Data comprises Event Data and Entity Data — you already know that if you have gone through the previous parts of this series. In this guide, you will learn about the components of event data, the preferred naming convention to define events, the categories of entity data, and the two main types of entities.


What Purpose Does Event Data Serve?

Event data helps you understand exactly how your product is being used — whether or not users are performing critical actions and completing the tasks that will lead them to derive the product’s core value, or in other words, reach the aha moment.


What the Heck is Customer Data?

Customer Data is a combination of user data (known as entity data) and interaction data (known as event data). This guide covers the ins and outs of customer data and the process of collecting and managing it.

What is a Customer Data Platform

What the Heck is a Customer Data Platform?

Customer Data Platform is a hot category in SaaS right now. But is it just that or something more? Read this guide to learn what exactly it is and whether you need to adopt one or not.