Customer Data: How To Build a Single Source of Truth for It?

The single source of truth for customer data refers to a software system that is able to store data generated across multiple customer touchpoints in a structured manner. In practice, a source of truth can be a Customer Data Platform such as mParticle or a Data Warehouse such as Snowflake.

Depending on the needs and available resources, businesses today can opt for either of these approaches to build their source of truth for customer data. That said, large businesses that have many data sources and a variety of different use cases for customer data can use a combination of a Customer Data Platform and a Data Warehouse.

In this episode of The Data-led Professional podcast, Tejas Manohar, co-founder of Hightouch —  a Reverse ETL tool — joined us to talk about:

  • Why do organizations need a single source of truth?
  • What are the benefits of adopting a Data Warehouse as the source of truth?
  • How is data analyzed and acted upon once the source of truth is available?

You may read select excerpts from the episode here.

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