Our Story

Data-led Academy has a clear mission — enable folks working in customer-facing roles at tech or tech-enabled companies to become data-led by learning how to work with data, and then help them stay that way. Our goal is to keep our courses affordable by working with companies that will directly benefit from a surge in data-literate professionals.

Hey! I’m Arpit 👋

And here’s how Data-led Academy was born: 

A couple of years ago, I did not know what a tracking plan was. However, over the years, I have worked extensively on product development, helped design databases, ran queries, written JSON, integrated APIs (without code), dabbled with product analytics tools, moved data between tools, and used a ton of other tools that require working with data.

That said, I never really had the opportunity to apply what I knew in an environment where a ton of data is generated on a daily basis. That changed when I joined a growing SaaS company in the integration space as the first growth hire. By then, I knew how to work with complex tools, had a good understanding of data in general, and really enjoyed reading API docs — weird I know! 

After I started talking to people who were in the same boat as I was five years ago, I realized that there is a real unfulfilled need — technically inclined professionals from non-tech functions wanted to learn how to work with data, without spending a ton of resources or learning data science as we know it (thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours).

More importantly, growth, marketing, customer success, sales, and partnership professionals usually like what they do, and barring a few, most don’t wish to pivot their careers to data science. They just wish to learn whatever they need to about data to excel in their existing roles. Not too much to ask for I’d say!

I felt compelled. I have been in the same shoes and have acquired requisite knowledge about data over the years and have helped a few others do the same.

Today, I often find myself working on a tracking plan or executing data transformations in my sleep. When I used to wake up only to realize that I was dreaming, I knew I had to take everything I had in my head and put it all down on paper (not quite literally though). 

And in the process, I ended up creating Data-led Academy. 

Onwards and Upwards!

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I have worked with Arpit from Data-led Academy and he's my go-to-guy for all questions about data, tracking and tools. There's no-one more knowledgeable about tools for data-led professionals; he knows the ins and outs of all of them.
Arpit has been a great sounding board as we've built Iteratively. He's intimately familiar with how to use data to drive change within an organization and help you hit your goals. He distills these principles into content that is easy to digest, and provides actionable ways to get started.