Web Analytics vs Product Analytics and the Data That Powers Each of Them

Web analytics, as the name suggests, helps understand the sources from where people land on your website and how they navigate through the different pages.

Product analytics is an extension of web analytics and helps understand how users interact with your product. It tells you what actions or events users perform, or for that matter, don’t perform once they are inside your product.

In the context of product analytics, a product is typically a web application or a mobile app (Android or iOS), but can also be an IoT device

In this episode of The Data-led Professional podcast, Patrick Thompson, co-founder of Iteratively — a data collection tool — joined us to talk about:

  • What is the difference between web analytics and product analytics?
  • Why do you need both web analytics and product analytics?
  • How should you go about planning your data collection for analytics?

You may read select excerpts from the episode here.

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